For Coexistence of People and Nature




Organization Overview


        Name: Iriomote Island Eco-Tourism Association

 Representative: Shoken Taira 


             1994 Launch of Iriomote Island Eco-tourism Association preparatory committee

                         Publication of Iriomote Island Eco-tourism Guidebook -Yamana Kara Suna Pitou-

   May    1996   Establishment of Iriomote Island Eco-Tourism Association (Private Organization)

     March 2010   Establishment of Iriomote Island Eco-Tourism Association (Incorporated Nonprofit Organization)




Iriomote Island Eco-Tourism Association is an incorporated nonprofit organization which aims to sustain the island as the place where people and nature coexist.

We conduct a variety of activities under 4 keywords.

  1.Environmental Education

  2.Cultural Inheritance


  4.Environmental Conservation

First step to conserve nature and culture for our sustainable life,  is get to know them.

・Kid's eco-tourism summer week  

     -nature and culture programs for local kids

Environmental education programs for students and trainees from the

   outside of the island. 



Take over the lifestyle of the island which always beside nature

Craft making workshops

・Islanders Culture Festival 



・Research and record the traditional culture 


Create a self-sustaining local economy by Eco-tourism

・Human resource development training,  Eco-tourism study program


・Earthquake disaster area supporting newsletter -Sukesakita-


Conserve magnificent nature and biodiversity with our hands

Beach Clean-up with volunteers  

Monitoring  (plants, birds,  fire flys,  fish)

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Iriomote Island Eco-Tourism Association

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